Privacy policy

Hi! We want to make it clear that we care to respect and protect your privacy, so we published this page to explain which information we collect and how we treat it.

What information we collect

When you use the Telegram bot through Telegram, we collect some basic information about your profile. For example, we store your first name, last name, and username, which are provided to us by Telegram. We also store all the messages that you send to the bot for an undefined period of time.

When you track a shipment with Telegram, we store in our systems the code of the shipment and all the information associated to it (including the status updates).

When you send some feedback through the feedback form, we store the tracking code and all the additional information that you provide to us. We might also store your IP address and some basic information about your browser (the "user agent") temporarily.

What we don't collect

We don't have access to your phone number or to your precise location. If you have doubts about a specific type of personal datum, feel free to contact us via email.

How we use the data

We use your data to:

  • provide the service (for example, data about shipments can be used to show you the history of tracking updates in the bot);
  • provide technical support (for example, we could use your name or Telegram ID to find which shipments you're tracking and assist you more rapidly);
  • compute statistics about the usage of the bot or the couriers (for example, to find out how many users have used the service in the last month, or how many shipments have been tracked with a specific courier).

What we don't do with your data

We don't share your data with anybody, but we may need to store and process them by using third party services (for example, the servers that make TrackBot work are provided by a third party).

If you have doubts about your privacy or data security, feel free to contact us via email.


If you use the TrackBot bot or the feedback form on this website, you accept the conditions on this page.

Cookies usage

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Changes to this privacy policy

Changes to the privacy policy will be published on this page.

Last update: 21 October 2020.

This document is in the public domain.